California King Size Bed Dimensions – A Buying Guide

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You must always be wondering how the name California King came into existence. There is a story behind this. There was a mattress owner in Los Angeles who had a dream of creating a mattress that would be larger than life. He dreamt that every Californian household who had a suitable lifestyle and had a lavish bedroom and who loved making statements would like to make a statement by adding a larger-than-life mattress to their bedrooms. This vision led the mattress maker to create a seven feet long and six feet wide mattress. Since he envisioned the dream for the homes in California, he named the mattress California King Mattress. This mattress is also known as the western mattress.

Size Of A California King Mattress

While many people believed that the California King mattress is bigger than the king size mattress in every way, there is a small twist to it. The length of the California king mattress is bigger than the king-size mattress but in width, they are a bit less than the king-size mattress. They are four inches narrower than a king-size mattress. A king-size mattress is also known as the Eastern King mattress. Its dimension is 76 inches by 80 inches. The surface area is 6080 square inches. A California king mattress on the other hand has a dimension of about 72 inches by 84 inches. The total surface area is 6048 square inches.

A California King Mattress- In Detail

As we have already learned that the California king mattress is narrower than the King size mattress by four inches. The California king mattress is preferred by the NBA players as they require longer mattresses to support their extremely taller height and also their body weight. California king-size mattresses offer an extra inch of legroom and can also accommodate sleepers who are more than 6 feet tall. They are an ideal choice for couples who need their own space on their side of the bed. Couples with kids or pets can also adjust to this size very easily. California King-size mattress is aesthetically pleasing and provides a visual appeal to your private space. It is also a boon for all those people who have weird sleeping habits and who change their sleeping position very often at night thus waking their partners. This mattress size provides ample sleeping space for both partners who can sleep taking enough space for themselves without disturbing the partner.

California King Mattress- Pros

A California king-size mattress is the largest available mattress and can fit taller people, especially people over six feet tall. This mattress size is big enough to even fit couples with their own space as well as kids or pets. Some of the notable pros of a California king size mattress are mentioned below:

  • Suitable for taller people: As we have already mentioned, a California king-size mattress is preferred by the NBA players as it adjusts their extremely taller height and weight. They can enjoy the extra inches provided so that they can sleep properly without their feet dangling on one end of their head touching the frame.

  • Ample Space: This mattress is ideal for the ones who like to stretch out while they are sleeping. Because a California king mattress is even larger than the two twin xl mattresses placed together. You as well as your partner would have ample space to accommodate yourselves and also can have regular body movements without having any sort of congestion. Your kids and pets can share a room with you as well.

  • Motion Isolation: Most of the time it is seen that each of the partners has different sleeping habits. This can be the cause of your restlessness as one's sleeping habit can disturb the other. A California king-size mattress encourages motion isolation and also helps you stay unaffected by the activities of your partner on the bed while sleeping.

  • Improves Blood Circulation: Sleeping in awkward positions can lead you to experience hurting sensations. This is because of the lack of blood flow and sleeping on a California king-size mattress can help get rid of such problems.

  • Relaxes the Pressure Points: The shoulder, the lower back, and a few other regions are the pressure points of the body that are most affected by a smaller and congested mattress. They hurt our bodies since we restrict ourselves to a confined space. This strains the pressure points in our body and as a result, we face pains and aches in our body the following morning.

There are also a few cons of California king mattress and a few of them are mentioned below:

  •  These mattresses are a bit heavy on the wallet as they are quite expensive.
  • Since they are so big, mobility is not an option. Therefore, people who move around a lot must avoid it.
  • The accessories of a California king-size mattress are hard to find.
  • They require pretty bigger rooms and cannot be adjusted in small rooms.

California King Mattress- Things To Consider While Buying It

Before buying a mattress you must keep in mind some essential points.

  • Look for your budget. Since it is huge a California king-size mattress is pretty expensive. Therefore you must check your budget before going for such a purchase. You can also opt for a money financing method. You can either go for a split method where you can pay in 3, 6 or 12 monthly installments or you can go for an affirming method where you can affirm to pay monthly over 3 to 24 months.

  • Check your sleeping patterns and activities: If you have a restless sleeping partner, then this can use this mattress to spread the weight around and allow for motion isolation to do its work.

  • Check your room size: You must also look for the dimension of your room before the California California king mattress as they cannot be adjusted in a room with smaller Anensions. An ideal room to adjust such a mattress should be 13 by 19 feet.

  • Shifting Activities: If you are someone who is always shifting homes, then this mattress size is not for you.


So, we hope that this guide has all the information that is required to know whenever you buy a California king mattress.

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