6 effective forms of financial investment

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Today, when having an idle money, instead of saving by "stuffing pigs", many people have started to look to financial investment channels to help them reproduce this money.

This article will guide you through all the personal financial investment channels that are right for you by high interest investments.

What is financial investment?

Financial investment is the use of your idle money to find profits. Increase your initial capital by buying and selling stocks, bonds or other financial instruments.

Where to learn financial interest investment?

Nowadays, there are many resources for you to learn the basics and in-depths of financial investment. But also that is why sometimes beginners, inexperienced will find quite confused in the selection of information.

The most traditional way is to read financial investment. It is advisable to choose books that are famous, come from leading experts both at home and abroad and have been confirmed over time.

Besides, accessing and adding more knowledge gradually by reading financial investment newspaper is also an effective method. You will gradually be "acquainted" with the financial world and understand the current financial world situation in Vietnam. You will also discover lots of practical things and make financial investments.

In the age of technology and internet, learning financial investment online is also an extremely rich and cost-effective learning channel. However, online learning has one major disadvantage: too much information. To be effective, you need to know how to select and sift knowledge from reliable sources because not all information on the internet is absolutely reliable and accurate.

If possible, you can even take financial investment courses taught by reputable professionals. When taught directly, knowledge becomes more receptive and motivated to learn.

What financial investment channels are there?


Gold hoarding is a familiar investment channel that is applied in a very popular and long term. Especially for Vietnamese people who love this option very much. The reason is that the invest investment is simple, does not require much capital, and has stable returns because the value of gold is quite safe.

However, in return this financial investment channel has not high profitability. Moreover, gold investment increasingly depends on monetary policy, so the risk ratio is higher than before.

Send to the bank

Saving money in the bank is what many people think of first when they have idle money. The advantages of bank deposits are good liquidity, not too great risk and stable profitability.

But if you want to invest financially to get rich, you can never succeed with this method. Bank interest rates only make your money increase a little, around 6-7% per year. But with this figure, compared to the inflation of the currency is not worth much.

Real estate

Real estate is also an effective financial investment channel that many people are interested in. This financial investment channel brings great profits, attractive profitability if successful with the ability to develop long-term and sustainably.

The biggest downside of real estate is that it is only for the "big men" - those with large capital, long-term strength. In addition, the liquidity is also low and slow, and can not invest effectively in the short term. When first entering financial investment, this should not be the first choice.

Financial investment fund

To put it simply, this is a joint fund with the purpose of financial investment in many forms. You only need to contribute capital to the fund, and decide where to invest in and how to be made by the most knowledgeable and experienced people. The investor is that you will enjoy interest if the investment is profitable and only takes a certain fee for the financial investment fund.

One of the most prestigious investment fund options today can be mentioned Passion Investment - a company specializing in investing in the potential stock market. You do not need to spend too much capital (just from 20 million VND), do not need to spend too much time and effort on research and thinking. Financial investors only need to entrust the investment experts of Passion Investment and expect an interest rate of 15-20% per year.


The most common investment method is to buy shares of companies listed on a stock exchange. Historical data shows that stocks bring returns 10% per year if dividends and returns are continually reinvested. However, stock prices often fluctuate and short-term devaluation can cause investors to lose money. To avoid brokerage costs when investing in the stock market, it requires investors to be careful and spend a lot of time researching on this field.

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