Top Questions Out Of 100 Questions For Citizenship In the United States

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The greatest advantages of naturalization as a US citizen are arguably best expressed by specific privileges and obligations (mentioned in the constitution), which cannot be acquired by a lawful permanent residence (i.e. a green card holder). These are in addition to working, owning a home, and receiving social security after retirement.

Getting US citizenship is highly beneficial. Most people acquire it through a marriage green card that is followed by the naturalization process. Hiring an immigration lawyer is never a bad idea, which makes the process simpler and faster. Let’s know some 100 questions for citizenship (usually asked in the interview and test round), which can make your dream turn true.

Answers These 35 Questions Out Of 100 Questions For Citizenship In The US

  1. Why does the United States flag have 50 stars?
  2. What is the form of government in the United States of America?
  3. What is the meaning of the phrase “We the People.” What is “We the People” in the US constitution?
  4. What does the Bill of Rights protect?
  5. Why is the Declaration of Independence important?
  6. What are the three branches of government?
  7. What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America?
  8. What are two ways through which Americans can participate in their vibrant democracy?
  9. Who lived in the American nation before the Europeans arrived?
  10. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence of the United States?
  11. What is the one responsibility that is only meant for United States citizens?
  12. What was the main concern of the United States during the Cold War?
  13. How are changes or amendments made to the US constitution?
  14. What is the supreme law of the land of the US?
  15. Who makes federal laws in the United States of America?
  16. Identify the two parts of the United States Congress
  17. What is the meaning of the Declaration of Independence?
  18. What do you mean by an amendment?
  19. How many U.S. senators are there?
  20. How many US senators does each state have?
  21. Who elects the members of the House of Representatives?
  22. Why do some states have more representatives than others?
  23. Who is the in-charge of the executive branch?
  24. For how much time a United States Representative is elected?
  25. What is the minimum age required to vote for the President of the US?
  26. Name any three of the thirteen original states of the US?
  27. Why did the colonists fight the British before independence?
  28. What are the two Cabinet-level positions?
  29. Why is the Electoral College important?
  30. How long do United States Supreme Court justices serve up?
  31. What community of people were taken to America and sold as slaves?
  32. How many Supreme Court justices are typically needed to settle on a case?
  33. Who is the current Chief Justice of the United States of America?
  34. Why do the Supreme Court justices serve for life?
  35. Who is the Commander in Chief of the military of the United States of America?
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