10 Bed Etiquette Tips For National Courtesy Month

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Bed etiquette tips are extremely important. They should not be taken lightly as the difference between a happy and a painful night can cost you a lot. You must learn how to live by the six-bed etiquette rules before going to bed at night. You should be able to stay awake for at least five hours and you should not be sleeping alone. Bed etiquette means not talking in bed and it also means never eating while you are asleep.

You need to remember these bed etiquette tips before going to bed. If you don't follow them then you can sleep with your legs crossed, which is considered rude. You should also not eat or drink anything when you are asleep. This includes juice, coffee, and even smoke. However, if you are very thirsty you can drink something but it should only be a glass of water.

Bed etiquette does not mean you never talk in bed. However, you shouldn't talk loudly or use unpleasant language. This can all be agreed on though. You must not curse either. While you may want to, you shouldn't swear in bed.

Some other bed etiquette rules are more complicated than this. For example, when you are sleeping on the side or if there is an extra pillow between you and your partner you should keep this pillow under your head. This helps to prevent snoring. In addition, if your head rests on the pillow this also prevents you from rolling onto your back, which can cause serious back pain and sickness later on in life. Some people have pillows that are made to rest your head on a side therefore they should also stay on the side or make sure there is room under the head of the bed.

One of the most important beds etiquette tips is not to jump up when you get in bed. Jumping up means that you might as well just lay down because jumping up will only hurt your neck and shoulders. The reason for this is you might knock your head on something and you will not be covered by your pillows. Some people like to snore when they are in bed. If you're one of these people then you should avoid sleeping next to them.

It is also very important to not eat or drink a lot before you go to sleep. Eating or drinking anything before you go to sleep is a total no-no. This is also considered to be one of the bed etiquette tips that is meant to help prevent health problems as it decreases melatonin in your body. Your stomach and/or mouth are a good place to start with when it comes to doing this. If you are tempted to do either of these things, then you should probably go ahead and avoid going to bed hungry or thirsty.

Another of the bed etiquette tips is to keep the room clean. It is recommended that you clean the bed and any other furniture in the bedroom before you go to bed. It is important to make sure that there are no signs of dirt or anything else on the surfaces of your bed so you don't wake up to an ugly stain. When you clean the bed, make sure to do all the small things first and then move on to the bigger ones. This is very easy to remember and will help keep you from having any surprises when you wake up.

Bed linens are another area of the bed that needs to be maintained. Make sure to always read the label of the bedding that you choose so you don't end up buying something that doesn't match the color scheme of the room. Bed sheets need to be changed regularly and the pillowcases need to be changed daily. There are plenty of bed etiquette tips out there that will help you and your entire family to keep from making your bed look like a house.

Bedroom etiquette is a way of life for many, especially when it comes to sleeping. Some people do not even know that the best time to go to sleep is actually in the morning, and other people are constantly jumping up at six in the morning. When one considers the fact that most people are in a hurry to get to work or school in the morning, this can result in an all-night of unexpected guests, rude awakenings, and unfinished beds. Bedtime should always be a time of calm relaxation like deep-touch therapy. Here are some Bedroom Etiquette tips to follow:

  • Lay your head on a pillow or mattress that is comfortable and flat. If you lay on a soft surface, you may find it is hard to roll over onto the bed. This Bedroom Etiquette tip can make for a much smoother bedtime experience.

  • Avoid talking on your cell phone before you go to bed. It may seem harmless to you, but it is not. You will find that you are more awake when you are trying to get one last nap than when you are talking on your cell. It is recommended that you put your phone on vibrate during bedtime or turn it off entirely.

  • Do not leave your shoes inside of your bedroom. While we are all too accustomed to leaving our shoes in the bathroom, it is quite acceptable to leave your shoes out on your bedroom floor. It will keep them clean, and it will also help prevent any stains from becoming permanent.

  • Clean your room completely before bedtime. This Bedroom Etiquette tip is very easy to forget, but cleaning your room completely of any scent can help your body feel relax after a long day of hard work. The reason it is so important to clean your room is that you want to remove any scent that you have been concentrating on. If you do not have any scent left in your room, then it will be much easier for you to fall asleep.

  • Avoid eating late at night. While it is perfectly fine to eat a light snack before bedtime, it is not okay to overdo it. If you tend to snack throughout the day, then putting potato chips in your bed is perfectly fine. However, if you are a person that only has a snack after dinner, then putting chocolate into your bed is not the way to go. You should also avoid having a drink before bedtime.

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