How To Use Facebook For Small Business: Top 12 Brilliant Tips

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Facebook is the most suitable platform for promoting your personal or business brand. Unlike Linkedin, on Facebook, you can broadcast to a wide audience, not just businessmen and top managers, or even buy Facebook followers

The social network helps build up social capital - to create a loyal audience, form a community, as well as promote oneself as a professional and expert, receive offers for cooperation and native advertising. In this article, we will tell you how to design a profile, find a target audience, create content, work with comments and collect a lot of likes and reposts for publications.

How to design a profile and find your target audience

The main thing that your Facebook profile is judged by is your photos, description, and amount of followers.

90% of users do not specifically visit your page. Therefore, arrange it as it should be: select an avatar (this is the logo of your brand), add information about your product, write posts regularly, leave contact information - mail, phone, links to other social networks.

How to build an audience

  1. Invite your friends to like your Facebook page

At the start of the promotion, use all the opportunities to gather an audience for free. It is likely that your friend's list includes people who are interested in your suggestions. Create a bulk proposal.

An invitation to Messenger is especially relevant now. Use the "Invite Friends" feature. Send an invitation to every new friend.

  1. Invite users to the page by email

Do you use email marketing? Then there is a great opportunity to collect a decent audience very quickly. Download the database of addresses from the service in .csv format and upload it to Facebook. To do this, click on inviting users by email. Users from the database who have a Facebook profile will automatically receive an invitation. If it's a quality listing, chances are the invitation will be confirmed.

  1. Direct your audience to your Facebook page from other social networks

Add a link to the page if you already have an audience on other social networks. Create short links using or to track the number of clicks.

  1. Find business pages for mutual PR

A good way to quickly grow your audience if you already have a certain number of followers. Find pages that suit your topic. Analyze everyone who follows them. If the audience is related, offer mutual PR to the page owners.

The bottom line is that you publish your post and link to the partner's page. He, in turn, does the same. Please note that the number of subscribers should be approximately the same.

  1. Promote your Facebook profile in your email newsletter

This method is more effective than inviting on Facebook itself. Send a letter to the database detailing why a person needs to interact with you on a social network. Describe the content. Show some examples of what you post.

Make some announcements for future posts. You know your audience, so only tell the things that might really interest your subscribers. At the end of this letter, leave a link to your business page.

Sometimes the blocks "Our social networks" are added by the authors of mailings in each letter. If this is relevant to you, use this method as well.

  1. Increase the number of likes and reposts

Facebook's algorithms independently promote posts that users like. The more resonance your post or video causes, the more people will see the post in their feed.

How to increase the number of likes and reposts:

Work on the quality of your content. Each post should be useful or interesting.

Create categories specifically for reposts. Analyze what types of posts are most often shared by subscribers. For example, we have collections of tools and recommendations, infographics, videos.

Encourage your subscribers to be active. Directly and without hesitation, ask to put "I like" under the post or to repost. Believe me; this action seems logical only for you. Test it. Add a call to one of the new posts. You will see that the response will increase significantly.

  1. Leave comments on other business pages

Find the accounts your audience is following. Write them down on a separate list and comment on the posts regularly. This will draw users' attention to your page.

Several requirements:

Leave only reasonable, meaningful comments on the topic of the post.

Let's share the usefulness in the comments. Express your expert opinion, but do not breed fights to avoid negativity.

Do not urge to subscribe to you in the comments. If you write really valuable and useful stuff, people themselves will pay attention to your page.

  1. Write expert guest blog posts

There are definitely many blogs on the Internet whose topics are related to yours. Agree with the owners of such sites on cooperation. Write a cool guest post with real value for your readers. In the end, leave a call to subscribe to your Facebook and leave a link.

Describe why a person would benefit from your business page. Add some announcements.

This is a paid form of advertising. Guest posts can be expensive, depending on the number of blog readers. The main thing is to choose the right site and carefully analyze the audience.

Advertising a business page on Facebook works the same way. And best of all, it's also effective.

  1. Stream live on Facebook

This will greatly increase your reach. Facebook itself is promoting live streaming because it is a new kind of content. People have a positive attitude to this form of communication, as they can ask all the questions of interest and get answers to them. Pick up interesting topics and broadcast regularly.

This type of promotion has many benefits for both your Facebook page and your business in general.

  1. Promote your page with paid ads

Learn how to use paid Facebook ads correctly, and you will reach a large audience in no time. It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend on promotion and what kind of posts you will use. Largely due to this method, we ranked 31st in popularity among all brands in the country on Facebook.

Use additional features:

  1. Synchronization with Instagram account

Add your Instagram account to the business page. This will allow you to transfer audiences between profiles, as well as customize promotional posts. By the way, you can use Instagram feed ads to promote the Facebook page itself. To do this, use an advertising account. Setting up promo posts on Instagram and Facebook takes place in one place, which is very convenient.

  1. News feed from Facebook on your website

Do you have a blog? Add a Facebook plugin to your website to drive your audience to your business page. The way the plugin works is very simple. Add HTML code anywhere on the site. Readers will see your news feed. In the name of the block with the code, write a call to action. Ask users to go to Facebook and subscribe to the page.

Follow analytics. Who is visiting your page? What gender, age, interests? Change your Facebook strategy based on the data you receive. Never stay in one place. The information will help you optimize the page for your target audience.

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